I'm very happy to announce that this is my official website, and it has successfully launched!

Whenever any idea hits me - whether it's cleaning, workout, cooking, or vlogging, I'm the type of person who HAS to do it no matter what time it is.
Last night, I've decided to make myself a website for the first time in my life as some bad news came in.

It was former Korean "prostitutes" aka comfort women sitting in front of the Eiffel tower to ask the "world" for help, and also other Koreans in their own country wearing protective clothing to mimic Japanese people as part of their demonstration.

I'm not gonna accuse them too much. They don't know that the historical events have been paid off by the treaty between Japan and Korea in 1965, which is known as "Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea." In addition, they don't know that there is an official American military document from 1944 that clearly states that "comfort girls are only prostitutes," nor that the radiation levels in Korea are much higher than that of Japan - they've been throwing away the radioactive waste illegally, either. Is it because their government keeps hiding everything from them, or are the citizens pretending not to know all of these?

Japan has the culture of "silence." Even though there's only 1 God in most Western religious views, we describe that 8 million sacred spirits are with us in Japan, meaning, we have "many" spirits that are like "God." The spirits/super power here already know what's on our mind, and that is why, we Japanese don't need to say anything out loud, rather, it is considered to be ugly. That cultural side becomes the weak point for Japanese people in the international society.

Whatever our background is, we need to fight back. Countries like Korea and China, especially, always put a dirty label on us for money or for their status. We Japanese don't deserve it.
I just witnessed again last night that Korea goes outside of their country and involves other nations just so they can attack Japan together with them. Then I thought to myself, "Fine, I will do the same, and speak up to the world myself."

My goal is to thank Koreans for bring me where I'll have stood.

In order to do that, though, I need to feel motivated, and I also have to make sure that my audience can easily reach to what I put out. That's how I got the idea of having my own website, and putting everything together in one space - not posting random things separately on all the SNS.

To be honest, I have no idea how long I will keep working on this project that I got myself into, but let's keep our fingers crossed.
I will be informing you guys, soon.

Have a good day.

P.S The photo is my current sight. The books that I have to beat soon are shining because of the sunshine X)